We’ve all been there before, you’re cruising down Beltway 8 feeling good because you got an early jump on the traffic, and then it happens. You feel that jolt and that horrible sound—blowout, just great. Immediately, in your mind you start thinking about how much it’s going to cost, whether you damaged the rim, the anger that you have to buy two new tires since one went out. All of these things end up ruining your day and your budget.

Typically, when you have a blowout with one tire, the opposite tire must be replaced too in order to avoid uneven wear.  For example, if your rear driver side tire blows out, you also need to replace the rear passenger side unless the tires are fairly new—otherwise your alignment will not be true and you can end up wearing both tires quicker.

Buying new tires can be very expensive with the rising costs of the materials used to manufacture tires, since they are petroleum based; the rising oil market has a significant impact on those tire prices. However there is a safe and budget friendly alternative to expensive new tires. 

Used tires in Houston are abundant and many people may shy away from them because of the word “used,” but there is a common misconception about used tires. Many people falsely mistake used tires as being of a lesser quality or unsafe due to that word, “used.” However the reality is quite opposite. There are actually quite a few benefits to buying used tires and they are just as safe as their new counterparts, because they are the same tire just at a different stage in the life cycle.

Reasons Why Our Used Tires Might Be Better For You

  • Cash Flow Issues – Even though this economy is looking positive, inflation is the sign of a strong economy. That being said, it raises the cost of many items and often we have to cut some things out of our budget. Most people are not as disciplined as they’d like to be and don’t put away money for routine car maintenance and wear and tear items. People forget that even just one new tire can throw your budget off for the month, let alone two new tires. When cash flow is an issue we carry the high quality used tires Houston residents need and at affordable prices. 
  • You Only Need One Tire Replaced – As mentioned before, when you blow out one tire— the other tire, unless very new, will need to be replaced as well to avoid uneven wear and alignment issues. We have the best used tires at all different tread depths so that you can match closely to your remaining tires. There is no sense in buying two tires when you only need one to match. 
  • Your Vehicle Is Near The End Of Its Life – If you have a car that is over 100,000 miles, you are reaching an area of the life cycle that can be very costly with major repairs such as transmission, broken seals, hose replacements and other expensive repairs. If you are like most vehicle owners, you are considering trading up to a newer model. Why would anyone want to spend hundreds of dollars on brand new tires they won’t have long enough to get their full value? It’s better to search for a set from our inventory of the best used tires Houston has to offer. Take the money you save and put it towards a down payment on that upgrade vehicle down the road. 
  • You Lease A Vehicle – When you have a lease vehicle it doesn’t make sense if you are half way through, let’s say a three year lease; to put brand new tires that have a 60,000 mile service life. Instead you can buy slightly used tires that have plenty of tread left to get you through your lease without wasting money on new tires the dealer is going to discard anyway when they recondition for resell.  
  • You Have Alignment Or Front End Issues You Can’t Afford To Repair – If you have a front end issue or alignment problem with your vehicle you can’t afford to repair, then you surely can’t afford new tires. Sometimes you just need a tire at the right price that keeps you going until you can fix the front end; because you know you are going to wear down any tire you use, why spend a lot on it then? Used tires are great for interim solutions until you can afford the repair to stop the uneven tire wear.
  • You Drive Over Pothole Infested Roads – You may live in one a side of town that has terrible roads and is full of potholes and other rough terrain. Maybe you also work in construction and drive through sites filled with nails, screws and other tire hazards. Does it really make sense to drop a paycheck on new tires when you may get a hole in the sidewall that can’t be repaired two weeks later? Used tires require less investment and give you the same quality as their new counterparts, so if you damage one, you don’t lose as much money.
  • You Want New Tires But Not The New Tire Price – Some of our best used tires Houston residents take home with them have hardly any miles on them. Often this is due to people buying a vehicle and immediately upgrading the stock rims and tires to something a little flashier or high performance. Even though the tires look brand new and have little to no use, they still must be sold as used. What does that mean for you? It means you get like new tires for a lot less which is a heck of a deal. 

Don’t Risk Your Life On Worn Out Tires

The number one benefit of buying used tires is safety, but you aren’t guaranteed a safe, quality used tires at just any shop. That is why we are in business—to provide used tires Houston residents can depend on and feel safe transporting their loved ones on. We don’t just buy any old used tires; we are very selective in the quality of the manufacturing, the condition, the tread depth, and the actual age of the tire. We like to be very transparent in the condition and known history of a tire, so we give you an honest deal with full disclosure. 

Never risk riding on worn, damaged or balding tires, let Affordable Used Tires keep you safe on the road while sparing your budget as well. Contact us today to find the right tires for your vehicle.