With the price of tires increasing drastically over the last few years, many people are considering used tires more than ever. Used tires exceptional value and quality often has gone overlooked in the past but not any longer. New vehicle wheel technology and regulations have sent tire prices seemingly on a permanent trend upward. The surge doesn’t seem to have an end in sight so used tires have become the hot automotive item.

Because of the extra time and effort involved in installing used tires, it’s important to know what goes into having tires installed. The more you know about the process the more you will understand why it is so important to find a reputable installer. For example if you brought your car and a set of used tires to a reputable Houston tire shop, these are the services you would receive to have your tires installed:

Mounting And Balancing

Mounting (installing tires on the rims) and balancing (adding weights to the rim to ensure equal distribution of weight all around) varies greatly for cars, SUVs, and light trucks. The pricing is very dependent on the size of tire and type of rim. Some shops charge according to aspect ratio of the rim, but others just go by the diameter. The standard rule of thumb is— the larger the rim, the more it costs for mounting and balancing.  ​

Valve Stems

Most vehicles older than 2007 will cost very little each for new basic rubber valve stems. Typically basic valve stems are replaced with every other set of tires, but in regions with extreme cold or heat, such as Houston, you want to do it every time to avoid leaks from the stems.  Vehicles that are newer than 2007 typically have TPMS sensors (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) which are significantly more expensive. The good news is, TPMS sensors last a long time and do not need to be replaced often like basic valves do. However, with TPMS equipped vehicles— make sure you go to a qualified service center or dealership to ensure your sensors aren’t damaged by an inexperienced tech.  With something as important as tires it’s always quality over price of installation—you don’t skimp on quality work.

Tire Disposal

Tires must be disposed of in a certain manner due to being hazardous waste. Mechanic shops will charge a nominal fee to dispose of them properly.

Protection Plan

Protection plans vary in price, in what is covered, and how much you will be reimbursed.  The caveat is that the coverage is only as good as the company offering it. Stick with well-known chain shops if you choose to get protection should your tire be damaged on the road. Keep in mind that not all shops offer protection plans.


You never want to mount new tires and not have your alignment adjusted once mounted. It is equivalent to flushing money down the drain; 99.5% of the time your tires will not be aligned and you will go through those tires in no time. Alignment is a vital service for your car. Some places such as Firestone Auto Care, even offer lifetime alignment packages, giving you adjustments for the life of the vehicle for one low price. Failing to get an alignment after mounting tires can cut their lifespan in half.

Don’t Forget To Budget For Installation

When you budget on tires for your vehicle, you have to consider the additional costs for installation and adjustments, such as alignment. Keeping that in mind, you can see why used tires are such a wise choice when you factor in the costly expenses of installing them.

Is It Time To Replace Your Tires?

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