Our experts are here to answer any of your used tire questions. If you have any doubts about using our tires, rest assure, our experts have many years of knowledge and experience to be able to answer your frequently asked questions about used tires.

1. Do your tires have outlined white letters (OWL) or does it have a whitewall (WW)?

We do not categorize our inventory by whitewall or outlined white lettered features. What we do guarantee on every tire—is that at least one side is blackwalled.

 2. Do some of your tires have patches or repairs?

All of our USED tires may indeed have been professionally repaired by a licensed facility. We do not guarantee sidewall repairs, but all of our repairs follow RMA.org standards (http://www.rma.org/tire-safety/tire-repair/). Each USED tire we carry is inspected at least twice, once prior to being listed and once again before shipping to the purchaser. Repairs could be performed during the first inspection as well as during the second inspection depending on the situation.

3. How much does it cost to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico

While we do offer shipping to AK, HI & PR, the raw shipping costs are so expensive it negates the savings of buying a used tire. Usually prices to ship to these three regions ranges about $150-$200 per tire via FedEx, the only carrier we can ship through.

4. Do you accept offers?

At Affordable Used Tires our namesake is affordability. We price our tires to give our customers the best deal possible with a no haggle system. That being said, the price listed is the best and final price.

5. Can shipping charges be reduced or discounted?

Shipping costs are based on the destination and the amount of tires being shipped.

6. Can I use my own shipping carrier account?

Sorry we only ship through FedEx and on our account only.

7. Can I pick up tires from your local warehouse in Houston, TX?

You sure can! We allow customers to pick up tires in person at our warehouse in Houston, TX. The online price is still the same as in store.  Please note that all online orders or phone orders are set to ship by default, so make sure to contact us at 1-855-598-3058 so that we can set your items on same day hold for will call pickup.

8. Is the price listed per tire or all the tires in the listing?

The price on the listing is for whatever amount of tires is specified in the title. For example,

“4 gently used Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 225/50/17”— means this price is the total for four tires, not per tire. We do not split complete sets as they are hard to come by.

9. How long does it take for shipping/delivery?

That depends on where in the contiguous 48 states your tires are being shipped. On average, shipping time from our warehouse in Houston, TX takes FedEx about 1-6 business days. If you need a more specific time frame please give our customer service department a call at 1-855-598-3058.

10. How many miles can I expect to get out of this/these tire(s)?

Mileage will vary greatly based on a number of factors including vehicle maintenance, road conditions, driving style, and highway vs. city travel. Due to these variables we cannot issue a mileage-based guarantee. However, we do clearly list the amount of tread remaining on each tire we sell.

 11. How old is the tire/tire service life?

We do not qualify our tires based on age, as some tires can be in fantastic shape and be four years old, but some can be only months old and be in horrible condition. We qualify our tires based on our stringent inspection process, which includes testing the rubber for signs of dry rot. We will not sell tires with any signs of dry rot or questionable quality. We do also follow RMA.org guidelines for the age of a tire: http://www.rma.org/tire-service-life/

12. How do I read the tread measurement provided on the listing?

Most car tires will begin at 10/32 of an inch while truck tires vary a bit depending on the class of truck and can begin at 12-14/32 of an inch. We highly recommend contacting the manufacturer to confirm the beginning tread, so that you can compare our remaining measurement. We want you to make a fully informed purchase.

13. Do you sell full sets of 4 matched tires?

Yes! While complete sets of 4 are a rarity when buying used tires, due to our buying power, you will find a large selection of complete sets that have been matched conveniently for you. Sets are matched by brand, tread style, tread depth, size, and speed rating.

14. Do you split your listings?

Unfortunately we will only sell our listings as they are packaged. If we happen to have three of one tire in stock we will however sell the stock as a pair and a single. We do not split lots of 2 or 4 or any other even increment.

15. Do you sell rims/wheels?

No. We like to stay focused on providing the highest quality used tires at the most affordable price point.

16. Do you offer coupon codes on your site?

From time to time we have a special coupon promotion near the top of our page in a banner just below the site menu. If you don’t see one, it means we currently do not have any promotional pricing or deals. You can see all active deals and coupons though on our Promotions & Coupons Page.

17. Do you carry tires for all types of vehicles?

Our primary product lines are primary tires (no spares) for cars, SUV’s, and light trucks only.

18. What is the difference between radial and bias ply tires?

Radial Tires’ steel belts are more adept at dissipating heat when in use. Bias Ply tires have a very rigid sidewall and ride due to the fact that all the plies run from sidewall to sidewall. Because radial tires have fewer layers of body cords on the sidewall, the sidewalls allow the tire to flex more for better handling and a smoother ride.