Alert: New Or Used Tires In Houston Can Explode From Overheating!

The heat on the roads of Houston can cause some serious damage and perform some amazing feats, even as we head into Fall. When pavement or asphalt is hot enough it can fry an egg on the pavement, give you 3rd-degreeburns on bare feet, or cause itself to crack […]

Is Your Car Ready For The New School Year?

Summer vacation is over, school is back in session and that means a lot of college kids driving themselves back to school and for the ones still in grade school— it means a lot of back and forth in the morning and afternoon rush. Some of you have high-schoolers […]

The Benefits Of Buying Used Tires In Houston

We’ve all been there before, you’re cruising down Beltway 8 feeling good because you got an early jump on the traffic, and then it happens. You feel that jolt and that horrible sound—blowout, just great. Immediately, in your mind you start thinking about how much it’s going to cost, […]