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Our Houston warehouse has over 50 different brands and thousands of used tires for your car and truck.

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Why Buy Affordable Used Tires?

Everyone drives on used tires!

Once the tire meets the pavement it is a used tire. We have brand new tire take offs, spare tires that have not been used, tires that have up to 99% tread left. They all pass inspection.

We have over 30,000 tires at our warehouses and more coming every day. If we don’t have it now we can get it for you soon. Any brand, any size, and for any vehicle.

Used Is Smart!

Used doesn’t have to be a bad word with today’s society focused on conservation, recycling, and reducing waste. In fact there are three excellent reasons to buy quality used tires.

  • They Are Less Expensive Than Identical Counterparts That Are New
  • They Can Be In Excellent Condition
  • Good For The Environment